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Julanti Breanna (Roxi) taking the CC at the North Eastern GSD Champ Show in May 2017 under SV Judge

Herr Marco Ossmann (Fichtenschlag)

Super headshot of Roxi

Kassieger Irianne at Julanti (Reva)

Roxi and Rhea in Castleton.

 Rhea takes 1st Place in the GSD Yearling Bitch Class at Crufts 2013


Hollie (2000 - 2013) and Heidi hiding in the long grass

Heidi and Rio legging it in Castleton


Indi 2004 - 2016) showing off his masculinity

This is Callie (2000 - 2011) mother of Rio and Indi

Rio (2007 - 2017) sitting still for once,

Rhea at a classic car show 16 weeks old


Roxi at 10.5 wks

                                           Olgayans Jahi...Heidi

    This is Olgayans Jahi (Heidi)........BVA Hip score 5:6....Cardiology checked clear.

     She is a Champ von Dakota daughter and the mother of our Julanti A and B litters.