Julanti GSDs KC Assured Breeders

Julanti German Shepherd Dogs Kennel Club Assured Breeder

Julanti Photos of our Dogs                                

Julanti Breanna (Roxi) on the move, 2 yrs old.

 Rhea takes 1st Place in the GSD Yearling Bitch Class at Crufts 2013


Hollie (2000 - 2013) and Heidi hiding in the long grass

Heidi and Rio legging it in Castleton


Indi showing off his masculinity

This is Callie (2000 - 2011) mother of Rio and Indi

Rio sitting still for once,

Rhea at a classic car show 16 weeks old


Roxi at 10.5 wks

                                           Olgayans Jahi...Heidi

    This is Olgayans Jahi (Heidi)........BVA Hip score 5:6....Cardiology checked clear.

     She is a Champ von Dakota daughter and the mother of our Julanti A and B litters.